How to. Guide to best self

There once was a house with plenty of square metres—
Maybe somewhere around 23.
With a barbed wire fence made of limestone and concrete,
Not too short, not too tall: in-between.
With windows smudged with tar for precaution,
Averting the curious eyes.
With minefields for grass for whoever trespasses.
(Or tries to walk out unallowed.)

Inside, there are posters of pivotal moments,
Food to some succulent worms.
And a bed with a mattress that’s home to small bed bugs
Which come out at night for a treat.
The walls are all reeking of fresh paint and… vomit?
*sniff* Gastric juice—could use more.
4.5/5 stars: cozy, fun, love it!
Minus the still functioning doors.

Ooh, piles of dishes, all dirty and mouldy,
A chair with one leg! And… a broom?
No, no, no, that won’t do… But at least there’s no dustpan.
How else can you lie down and brood?
While dust travels slooowly but surely. towards you
To cover the mess that you are?
Good that there’s spider webs woven with wryness,
10/10 would recommend.

One-way ticket only. A bargain now, really!
Better yet—why not DIY?
Takes a lifetime to build though, but once it’s completed,
It’s all yours forever. How fun!

– Patricia



Yet again she found herself struggling to keep fighting.
She stood still at the crossroads, breathing in and sighing…
“Do I see the point in this? Do I keep on going?
Do I stop chasing this dream? Do I keep on hoping?”

More and more she found herself weaker and just wanting
To cease all that she had tried, throw a pity party
For herself and only so. No one seemed to care for
That one dream she hoped to achieve which had made her world-weary.

“Is it worth it? I don’t know… I’m so lost and tired…
And if not, what do I do? This is what I desired…”
Pondering upon the way which would give her meaning,
She decides so: “One more time, I will keep on dreaming…”

– Patricia