The 31st of August

4-year anniversary.
“Per aspera ad astra”


Da Capo al Poetry

Dim lights, pencil and a paper
And the music which completes me.

Calling unto words of amber,
Aching for a touch of sacred,
Painting feelings—notes and poems
Of another world—forever.

All I am, two joys colliding:
Love for poetry and music.

Painting tremor, vibrant spirit,
Oasis is the written canvas;
Echoing through my whole being,
Tender notes are born, igniting
Realigned suns—constellations.
Yes, I yearn for words and music.

I went back to the beginning,
I have found myself again.

– Patricia

Da Capo al Poetry

GClef.svgThen, in the beginning, there was only music

And the music gave me tremendous delight.

It touched my whole being and my soul, entirely

And it brought me surely out into the light.

And the music led me to the place where my words

Echoed through my being, through my mind, my heart.

There, my thoughts, my feelings can be seen evolving,

Dancing as they’re making their way into art. 

– Patricia