Da Capo al Poetry

GClef.svgThen, in the beginning, there was only music

And the music gave me tremendous delight.

It touched my whole being and my soul, entirely

And it brought me surely out into the light.

And the music led me to the place where my words

Echoed through my being, through my mind, my heart.

There, my thoughts, my feelings can be seen evolving,

Dancing as they’re making their way into art. 

– Patricia



In the Beginning

This is the post excerpt.


Da Capo al Poetry 2

I started playing the piano as a child and, later on, I also learned how to play the flute. Music eventually led me to poetry, the music of words, and I’ve been exploring their worlds ever since.

I feel alive when I do so, discovering myself piece by piece. And I feel happy. 🙂

If I am happy, I turn to music and to poetry. If I am sad, I do the same thing. This also goes for the times when I feel depressed, full of anxiety, grateful, excited, content, calm, stressed, or relaxed. Whatever the emotion I feel or the emotional state I am in, music and poetry are my way of unwinding and of remembering who I am.

The notes and the words collide, the worlds of music and poetry collide, creating harmony in my soul. And that is when I feel alive. Pure bliss.